On Boldness and Emotions

A taste of boldness in everything you do is a significant component of having good sense. To be bold is to be brushed by ruthlessness, just about fearless in moments of disturbance, be it with your foe or your allies. People who are endowed with such boldness do not think too highly of others, they have modest judgements leaning towards indifference. In situations that demand authority and dominance, they are confrontational and decisive, habitually determined to reach their own ends, and those ends are usually self-centred because they prioritise their personal concern over other peoples’.

You should not think so approvingly of others, it is not favourable and the consequence may be terror or bitterness should this be taken too far. Invariably, Insistent bold men tend to seem rather unconcerned and mediocre in regard to their opinion of others nowadays, this is often a consequence of them thinking positively of themselves and having such superior self-regard that they develop a sense of ignorance, and turn a deaf ear to the Imperceptive Man.

Even so, they conceal this with charm and courtesy when demanded. One does not need to express his disgust to be disgusted, especially in matters of prudence and power. This, of course, is well reasoned, for a masculine man of substantial value to civilisation will tend to feel a sense of dismay and revulsion towards the mainstream effeminate man who does not know his role and is being exploited and controlled by a weak and wimpy culture that favours the feminine imperative. This is what might be called the Burden of Knowing.

Do not let your imagination swindle your feelings. When you meet a man whose presence you may find menacing, one is apt to fall into feelings of inferiority and shoddiness. This is merely the consequence of meeting a man who’s aura radiates masculinity and superiority and that pierces people’s inner sense deeper than one may initially acknowledge.

The man who has mastered his emotions is able to observe his emotions at face value and then conquer them through his awareness of personal worthiness and self-respect.

And, simultaneously, remaining stoic in the face of adversity or threatening territory, not revealing his hand in the mistaken juncture. Whether you are perturbed or not is not the point, so long as you have mastery over your passions and retaining an external cool, you have held your state control and did not make a jest of yourself in front of a man or circumstance you perceived threatening or intimidating.

Power has ample to do with appearances, and a sure way to be scrutinised is through outward timidity and reluctance.

Remember: Power is a game of appearances, and it is innate human nature of people to assume the form through what they see, in other words, to form their opinion in relation to your outward display.

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