Practical Self-Mastery

Revealed: A Step-by-Step Guide to Develop Spartan Discipline & Purpose Without Counting on Motivation..

You, the average male, live in a cruel world that takes advantage of your laziness, lack of discipline, addictions and chasing of pleasure.

Truth is, they want you dependent on these harmful habits, because that is how they can control you.

But, there is a price to be paid for giving up your responsibility and self-discipline: A meaningless life filled with pain and suffering, constantly influenced by evil people.

This is not the kind of life you deserve or were destined to live.

Why? Because you have the potential to be a man far greater than an immature fool dominated by destructive desires.

Unless you take back control of your life and discover a few key principles used by the most efficient men to win back complete independence and direction, you will remain an irresponsible slave.

But, if you insist on just being another loser in a shameful system, here’s what you have to look forward to in your unfortunate years of foolishness:

  • Self-hate
  • Regret
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Neediness
  • Heartbreak
  • Anger
  • And maybe even, bankruptcy.

You’ll be in the bottom of the barrel, confused and sorry for yourself for having chased an aimless existence.

You will have nothing else to look forward to except misery.

You may even grow so weak and fragile that you will never be strong enough to correct your terrible mistakes.

You will feel as if you have been cheated, even though you had the freedom to take responsibility for your actions.

If you’re in this group of undisciplined, irresponsible men, you’ve literally brushed off countless opportunities, thrown away your potential and abused your time to wrong use, simply to have some ‘fun’.

Is that how a respectable man behaves? Of course not.

If you’re afraid to keep living a wasteful and unproductive life because of these ‘shortcomings’ – well, do powerful men live in fear? Of course not.

I have the solution you need. This is Practical Self-Mastery, and here’s what it will do for you:

  • Overcome your destructive addictions by replacing bad habits with good ones.
  • Turn laziness into self-discipline by taking back responsibility.
  • Increase your productivity and focus toward important tasks.
  • Eliminate distraction and boredom from your practice.
  • Actualise your potential and realise your purpose in life.
  • Understand yourself by giving voice to your thoughts and feelings.
  • Keep your emotions in check by mindful awareness.
  • Save time and money by being most efficient with your plan and application.
  • Lead an organised and self-sustaining schedule that develops your purpose and secures your independence.
  • Read for maximum understanding and knowledge without relying on a great memory.

Practical Self-Mastery is Divided into 4 Key Parts:

✅ Introduction: Visualisation – Commitment to Change

The introduction to Practical Self-Mastery runs you through a simple yet effective exercise to discover your idea of heaven.

It helps you discover exactly what you want out of life, bringing attention to the power of failure, determination, progress and rebirth as key driving forces toward your ultimate victory.

✅ Part 1: Self-Discipline – Rebuilding Your Habits

The first part in Practical Self-Mastery lays out the definitive model to take back your discipline, conquer your damaging addictions and transform your time-wasting tendencies into productive habits that will see you reaching your goals.

By replacing your bad habits with good ones, you will rebuild your character and discover a new purpose for your life.

✅ Part 2: Self-Actualization – The Art of Journaling

The second part in Practical Self-Mastery is all about understanding yourself and cultivating your inner kingdom through learning the art of self-reflection and writing.

You will learn how to give your thoughts a voice, bring order and clarity to your mental clutter, and understand your strength and weakness.

✅ Part 3: Self-Command – Crafting a Schedule

The third part in Practical Self-Mastery shows you how to create an effective schedule for maximum productivity, responsibility and organization.

Having a definite schedule will help you stick to the path toward ultimate fulfilment and meaning, but also help you accomplish your aims faster while using less energy.

✅ Part 4 (Bonus): Internalisation – Reading for Understanding

The final part in Practical Self-Mastery reveals an effective approach to absorb and understand knowledge without relying on a great memory.

Step-by-step, it lays out two alternative guidelines to not only remember what you have read, but also make it your own by giving it a personal touch.

Active reading forces you to engage with the text and learn to think for yourself.

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