Masturbation & Self-Abandonment

“We forfeit three-fourths of ourselves in order to be like other people.”
― Arthur Schopenhauer

Today, we are living in a time of a most menacing baseness, where the most impermissible and dishonourable acts of wickedness are not only acceptable, but inexplicitly endorsed and advocated by a society so unsure of itself, that it hardly pays heed to its own terrible downfall. Indeed, these sins are championed with a detrimental and all too injurious incentive in mind, but who cares about all that, anyway? When man relinquishes his power and carelessly pursues the path of self-gratification, pleasure, and corruption, he no longer concerns himself with how he is being exploited by a society that evidently doesn’t care about his robustness and strength. With the rise and looming popularity of pornography, onlyfans, and the likes, we have thrashed out an all-time low, a prevalent tragedy among young, effeminate men who have been undressed, exposed and abused under the veil of ‘progress’, thoroughly stripped of their honour, integrity, purity, cleanliness and general essence. The adverse effects of masturbating to porn couldn’t possibly be more stressed – really, what porn is doing to the average young man is more catastrophic than you would like to think.

Detriments of Pornography

Not only does it deprive him of sensation, deaden his sexuality, tear down his responsibility and wreck his frame of mind, but it also alienates him, deceives him, dispossesses him, and ultimately puts him in chains and leaves him dying in the privation of hopelessness, foolhardiness and an imperceptive nihilism owing to his undiscipline, immoderation and pleasure-seeking. Pornography has brought out the worst in man, and especially in the weak man who never suffered the burden of composure or restraint and always appeased himself through following the path of least resistance; the comfortable and immediately accessible means that compounds his difficulties, weakens his self-possession, and paralyses him by sensory disruption and provocation of an ungovernable anxiety. Instead of coming to terms with his ugliness and facing rejection head on like any gallant man out in the wilderness, learning some self-restraint and actualising his inclinations to his greater benefit, he decides to disregard all potential goodness and follow a degenerate and ungodly path, always synonymous with the aimless, the empty, the purposeless, the vain. If it’s cheap and easy, it’s probably shameful. Anything that brings shame to your name is not only antagonistic, but undermining and unfavourable. There is nothing more antagonistic to the stout man than the careless pursuit of busting his life-force to satisfy his own self-indulgence – one of the most despicable forms of self-abandonment known to man. The weak man is not concerned with the preservation of his own power, as the strong man is, he is mostly concerned with the preservation of ecstasy, of permanent gratification; that is the great danger.

The new Pornography is left-wing; and the new Pornography is a vast graveyard where the Left has gone to die. The Left cannot have its whores and its politics too.” – Andrea Dworkin

Emasculation and Exploitation of Weak Men

Would you want your son to be devoted to incessantly watching erotica on the internet, wasting his life away with no object in mind, so totally impulsive that even when he tries to turn away from it, he finds himself obsessing over it like an addict enduring withdrawal. Really, can’t you see the absurd dejectedness in that, the dismal ruins of his psychology? We are emasculating men of their essence and we are preying on them until they all turn impotent, powerless, and lame enough to be worth nothing aside from servitude. We are stupefying their manhood, we are turning wolves into thirsty domesticated dogs that obey everyone except themselves and whose only objective is to stifle their urges and serve the devilish scheme of those who are disregardful toward their betterment. You see, the price we pay for being outrageous is being of service to a devil that is very apathetic towards our maturing and all too compelling in dangling a carrot in front of our mouth to get us under his wing; to oversee our base desires and carefully and subtly direct us towards them, yet keeping us ignorant that he is doing so.

Degeneracy is Satanic

Consequently, watching pornography is precariously fondling with satan, while proving unfaithful to divine nature. If you don’t think degeneracy is innately satanic, look around and attentively observe the intense derangement of modernity – the insanity, frenzy, hysteria, outlandishness, and freakishness that drives the young ages. It’s abnormal and simulated, sick and deviant, inhuman and neurotic. And it seems to me that all this lewdness is accompanied by a lack of sensitivity, a sincere lack of enlightenment and sophistication stemming from grief, misfortune, resentment, mistreatment and unconscious and traumatic trickery. When you perceive such perpetual filth all around you, does it still amuse you how such a lost cause strayed from itself and then found itself binding to the coarseness and obscenity of hollow self-stimulation? A society so hell-bent on masochism and hedonism, with a fiercely impassioned liking for sadism and cruelty, as if to compensate for the soreness of their wounds, as if to respond and put up a fight against their own continuance and defy those who can unravel the music. Those who seek to rebel against the good for their perceived higher good, which is actually a lesser evil, are nothing more than discomposed people with a necessity for non-compliance. What they care about is not uprightness, but habitual rebellion against the unexceptional or conventional, even if the unexceptional is superior to the side they are fighting for – it matters but a little, for they find satisfaction in the act of going against the grain, regardless of how sensible or insensible it may be.

Aimless, Dubious and Miserable

Further, they are not sure of their ideas, they are only half-sure, and that is why they are dumbfounded and at sea with themselves. These young men, filled with promise, are throwing away their seed because they have nothing better to do, if they did have anything more worthwhile, they would quickly realise that such an indulgence is lifeless precisely because it strips them of their moving force. Man must know that if he’s not willing to suffer for his pleasures, he will suffer a greater form of suffering; namely, the suffering of little meaning, the suffering succeeding abandon, decadence, and overindulgence. You must not only take hold of your direction with a firm hand, but you must also totally abandon everything that is causing you to abandon yourself. Think for a moment, sit by the table, ponder the ‘why’ behind everything you’re blasting, how disrespectful you’ve been toward your good, how irresponsible you have grown with your amusements. All vulgar pleasures that quickly make you resent yourself are the most humiliating, dishonourable and unspeakable – they will urge you to fall asleep, in culpability, unease and annoyance. Then, once you’ve arisen, they will compel you to reconcile; a trial of character that distinguishes the firm from the frail.

You can toss off your life away, or you can decide to stop abusing yourself, restlessly, till the end of time and start to take care of yourself with a little concern for the future that’s approaching you. The young man often has nothing to do with the future, and he’s still fixed to a past he feels bitter about, and so he neither has the foresight to fashion a desirable future, nor the capacity to be fond of the present; that is all-eternal, unchanging and gracefully fluid in nature. Whether we’d like to accept it or not, the tragedies and torments of the past can’t possibly be reconditioned to fashion our wants, needs, emotions, and bigotry; unless we learn to earnestly accept them, they will plague us far beyond their passing, and that is a serious disaster of its own. You must do away with ruinous copes to go on sustaining a meaningless existence, you must shift your gaze and have a good look inside, until you have horrified yourself enough by your hideous weakness that you don’t allow it to sweep over your light any longer, at once adapting your plan and vacating the prison you once harboured so helplessly and dependently.

Impotence is Poverty

The impotent man; defenceless, weak, incapable, he who imprisons himself without foreknowledge, he who, in spite of his impoverished state, still desires to be imprisoned, finding a sense of comfort in the gradual deterioration of his own sensitivity, strength of character and individual influence. At which point, he is no longer individual; he’s split, segregated and disunited within. He divorced from his rectitude, alienated himself and passionately followed a path he’s irresolute and unsure he can rightly handle, without paying the ceaseless consequence of a violent, unquenchable appetite. This is why man ought to continually guard himself against the overwhelming pleasures that beset him and learn to restrain himself enough to be able to curb his urges without allowing them to destroy him or compel him to pursue a path which he knows is unworthy of his chief objective. But among such pleasure, purpose loses precedence in the weak; the flimsiness of the flawed is not straight enough to conceive its prime concern, what it perceives is the immediate pleasure that is wooing and hypnotising, that it desperately craves and seeks, and that, once it stands before it, is unable to turn down.

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